Stefan Engeseth

Stefan Engeseth

To survive, companies have to behave like sharks – if they don't keep moving they will drown.

Why Sharkonomics?

Nature is much smarter than the likes of Stanford, Harvard, MIT, McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, Bain, IBM, Apple and all of the other Fortune 500 companies. In nature, sharks have to move to survive. But in business most market leaders do not, because they are stuck in history – and eventually become shark food. Sharks don’t perform by producing endless Power Points; they bite into market share. Sharkonomics will reveal how the logos of market leaders will have more bites taken out of them than a seal after a shark picnic.

This book is inspired by Mother Nature’s sharks which have been around for more than 420 million years and completed numerous strategic moves. It will prepare you to jump into the water and attack the market.

Economic competition is increasing rapidly and reduced resources will increase that further. Economist Joseph Schumpeter (1883–1950) came up with the term “creative destruction” to demonstrate why companies need to innovate constantly in order to survive. In my opinion Schumpeter was converting the saying “eat or be eaten” into economic terms. Sharkonomics is a further enhancement of this: “read this book and take a bite”.

Sharkonomics will reveal where and how to attack companies such as Apple, through some of the enormous blind spots they are unaware of and through mistakes in their defence strategies.


”To survive, companies have to behave like sharks – if they don’t keep moving they will drown.”  Richard Branson

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